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0001: From's Thinkbag.

When I began drawing this set, oh, nearly a year ago now, it was intended to go hand in hand with a book of humor I'd written called The Lists. That's less hand in hand now, mostly turning on the fact that some of the material in the lists simply doesn't make for good art. This piece is one of them, and after painting it, I realized I would much rather paintings I was happy with than paintings which stuck completely religiously to their counterparts. As a result I will be taking a lot more leeway towards the esoteric and bizarre when an idea does not land purely in the humor category.
Clearly the starting comic left something to be desired in the area of coloration, but at least I'm not as badly off as Leonard.

Thinkbag is an experimental comic/fine-art pairing working in the WDV style. The vac most sincerely hopes you enjoy this material.
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